General Information

- Orievents / GD4C's Training Camps - Alto Alentejo are an excellent training opportunity for Orienteering of excellent quality during the winter.

- 19 Forest Trainings and 8 Town Sprints. See all the possibilities of training



Porto - Castelo de Vide - 340Km

Lisboa - Castelo de Vide - 219 Km

Faro - Castelo de Vide - 345 Km



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We invite you to come and participate in our trainings and be able to take part in competitions that take place in Portugal:

25th -27th January  ABOM 2019 - Aguiar da Beira 

16th - 17th February - Mora O' Meeting - WRE 

01st - 05th March - POM2019 - Figueira da Foz - WRE

09th - 10th March -  NAOM 2019 - Crato, Portalegre, Castelo de Vide - WRE

The trainings does not include personal accidents insurance. Orievents will not be responsible in case of accidents during the travel or orienteering. Please buy your own travel insurance if deemed necessary.

Alternative Training

Sports Facilities:
Castelo de Vide has excellent municipal sports facilities near the hotels. If you want to take advantage of these conditions please contact the organization

If you like cycling, Castelo de Vide have various roads with little traffic

Bike Rental

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