Norte Alentejano O' Meeting 2016 - IOF WRE

Introduction: NAOM 2016 - IOF WRE 

For the tenth year in a row, Grupo Desportivo Quatro Caminhos, is organizing the Norte Alentejano O'Meeting (NAOM). For the fourth time the event is held in Castelo de Vide
NAOM is a foot orienteering event included in the Portuguese Cup and IOF WRE.
The event is open for any participante without restriction of age, sex or technical ability. Participants can race individually or in groups.
NAOM will have the following races:
• Training Camps - In collaboration with Orievents.
   12th February 2016 - Model event at Quinta das Lavandas
• 13th February 2016 - Middle Distance at Amieira
• 13th February 2016 - Night Sprint at Castelo de Vide
• 14th February 2016 - Middle Distance at Barregão (WRE)

The winner of NAOM 2016 will be found through the sum of the times of the two middle distance races.
The organization wishes that all participants enjoy the natural beauty of this region and its conditions for Sports and Nature Tourism.