Norte Alentejano O' Meeting 2013

Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos (GD4C) will organize in 2013 the North Alentejo O’ Meeting (NAOM) for the 7th consecutive year. The event returns to Nisa, where it all started in 2007.

NAOM is a Foot-Orienteering event included in International Orienteering Federation (IOF WRE) calendar and also in the Portuguese Federation Cup, opened to participation for people of any age, either in competition classes, open or beginners’ classes, individually or in groups.

 From January 15 will start operating training camps Alto Alentejo

The NAOM Trophy in 2013 will offer the following races:

  • Training Camps
  • Middle Distance Race at Nisa – 02nd February 2013
  • Night Sprint at Nisa – 02nd February 2013
  • Middle Distance Race (IOF WRE) at Arez – 03rd february 20133

The NAOM Trophy winners will be found through the sum of the times in the two middle distance races.

The Organization team welcomes all participants to NAOM 2013.